Saturday, May 9, 2009

NY State Library's Digital Collections

The New York State Library's Digital Collections contains several Cultural Resource Management reports and full-text books. See link below to search digital collections. These books along with others are available for download.

Funk, Robert E. 1976 Recent Contributions to Hudson Valley Prehistory. Memoir 22. New York State Museum, Albany.

Ritchie, William and Robert Funk 1973 Aboriginal Settlement Patterns in the Northeast. Memoir 20.

Hart, John P. (editor) 1999 Current Northeastern Paleoethnobotany. New York State Museum Bulletin No.494. New York State Museum, Albany.

Enable pop-up windows.

Search for an item.

Click on item link and a popup window will open that starts downloading the publication.

These are large files, so a high speed connection is recommended.

Thanks to Jesse Walker for this info!

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