Saturday, June 20, 2009

19 June 2009 Meeting.

Thanks to Bill & Eric for lugging projection equipment up to the meeting room.

VP, Chuck Tudor, presiding with Fred filling in for Sharon who is recovering from surgery. Fred, Program Chairman, also had the privilege of introducing our speaker, Bill Engelbrecht.

Bill discussed his 17 summer archaeological field schools on the Eaton site in western New York in addition to the research done at the site over the last hundred or so years. Bill's excavations were done in 2 metre squares as shown in the post mold diagram below. It clearly shows a portion of the palisade and layout of three longhouses.

Following his presentation, the whole group discussed various approaches to analyzing the nearly half a million objects recovered from the site.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Beneath the Nasca Lines and Other Coastal Geoglyphs of Peru and Chile"

Member, David Johnson's book, "Beneath the Nasca Lines and Other Coastal Geoglyphs of Peru and Chile," is now available!

"This well-illustrated text provides Nasca Lines enthusiasts, researchers, tourists and coastal residents of Peru and Chile with an exciting new theory for one of the functions of the coastal geoglyphs of Peru and Chile. The author’s research, undertaken over a period of 12 years, also broadened our knowledge of the region’s geology, hydrology and archaeology.
In 1996 while locating groundwater sources near Nasca, Peru, David Johnson realized that aquifers (areas of higher permeability), which were not recorded in modern times, crossed the Atacama Desert. As he documented these aquifers he realized that most of the ancient Nasca Lines (geoglyphs) documented their flow patterns. By studying the correlation between geology, hydrology, archaeology and the geoglyphs, he realized that geoglyphs could be used to locate aquifers. During the initial investigation he collaborated with scientists from the Geosciences and Anthropology Departments of the University of Massachusetts."
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Available directly from David at Contact Global Learning at
Global Learning Inc., 24 Manor Drive West, Poughkeepsie, New York 12603

The price is $12.00 plus postage.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Revolutionary War Fishkill Supply Depot Site News

Senator Schumer Presents Ideas for Saving Fishkill Supply Depot

They were the first American Patriots. They stood in battle against the greatest military power the world had ever seen. They suffered unimaginable hardships, including near starvation, epidemics of incurable diseases, infestations of lice, and even lack of clothes and firewood in the face of frigid New York winters. By the hundreds they died in the cause of freedom and liberty. More than 230 years later, they lay in unmarked graves, forgotten by most.

The Fishkill Depot graveyard was rediscovered by archaeologists in 2007 and 2008, along with associated building ruins and archaeological deposits. Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer has proposed changes to Federal battlefield legislation that would make it possible to finally preserve, protect, and memorialize this final resting place of hundreds of Continental Army soldiers.

Senator Chuck Schumer presents a plan to extend historic protection to the Fishkill Supply Depot National Register District, other Revolutionary War Sites, and sites from the War of 1812. Schumer is flanked by Town of Fishkill Supervisor Joan Pagonis on the right and Mara Farrel of Fishkill Historical Focus on the left.

New York State historic preservation leader J. Winthrop “Wint” Aldrich addressed an appreciative audience at the Schumer press conference at the Van Wyck Homestead on Route 9 in Fishkill.

Town of Fishkill Supervisor Joan Pagonis spoke about the rich Revolutionary War history of Fishkill and the Hudson Valley. Senator Schumer is to her left, while members of the 2nd NY, and Fishkill Depot property owner Dominic Broccoli are on the right.

Links to a few additional Fishkill Supply Depot preservation articles:

Posting & photos by Bill Sandy

Friday, June 5, 2009

2009 Chapter picnic scheduled for Sunday July 12th!

July 12, 2009
Sunday 1-4 pm
Shannen Park - Route 284 in Slate Hill, NY (Just west of U.S. Route 6)

1. Bring your curios for "Show & Tell!"
2. Menu: Chapter will provide Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Lemonade, Punch, & Strawberries!
We need: Round & Long Rolls
Salads - Potato, Macaroni, Lettuce & Tomato
Yellow cakes for Strawberry Shortcake

3. Members, Family and guests are all welcome!
4. Donations of all kinds will help!
$$$$, food, set-up, grilling, cleaning, etc.

Please call Tom/Marilyn Branna
845-343-4254 (up to 10 pm)
to schedule food and particpation.

Rain or shine!

Bring a friend, a smile and an artifact!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Native American Pottery Roundup and Symposium

Native American Pottery Roundup and Symposium
Saturday, August 15, 2009 from 1pm – 4pm
At SRAC, 345 Broad Street, Waverly, NY

More info at: