Friday, August 23, 2013

Digging Florist Site this Sunday August 25th!

We will definitely be out at the Florist site this Sunday 8/25. Hope to see some folks out there! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sad News: Carol Van Buren has died.

Carol Van Buren 

Minisink Town Historian  and Town Clerk Carol Van Buren has died.  She had heart trouble and she left this life as she lived it, surrounded by family.  She was a major force in New York Cultural Resource Management (CRM) which forced developers to consider Precontact and Historic Sites.  The Minisink CRM Law was known locally as "Carol's Law".  
The first major site excavated under "Carol's Law" was named the Minisink Historian Site because Carol was to modest to let it be called the Carol Van Buren Site. The discovery and excavation of the site, like Carol's lifetime of historic research, led to a better understanding of Minisink history. 
The photo shows her at the Minisink Museum accepting the artifacts from her site.
Bill Sandy, RPA
Minisink, Orange County, NY

Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Florist Site this weekend!

I regret that we have to push back digging another week as obligations are keeping Gary and I away again this weekend 8/18. I am anxious to get back to the site, see everyone out there next weekend!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Greater Hudson Heritage Network Webinars

Upcoming Greater Hudson Heritage Network webinars available to Chapter members:

Museums, libraries, and archives have long been without adequate tools and procedures for assessing and managing collection storage and display environments. Grant funds will be used to purchase environmental monitors for FREE lending to five organizations to sign up and attend all four webinars in the sereis. The Image Permanence Institute (IPI) has developed and tested the PEM2 Monitor, which is an innovative tool for environmental monitoring and data analysis. The workshop also includes training with the PEM2 Environmental Monitors which will be lent out to participants who request the equipment. *In order to be eligible to receive one of the PEM2 Environmental Monitors, a participant MUST attend all 4 of the webinars in this series.
Presenter: Rachael Arenstein, AM Art Conservation 
All webinars in this series are from 1PM - 3PM
Webinar 2A- September 24, 2013: The Effect of Environment on Collection Materials
Webinar 2B- October 21, 2013: Developing an Environmental Monitoring Program
Webinar 2C- November 13, 2013: Using the PEM2 and its Software for Monitoring the Enviroment 

Webinar 2D- December 10, 2013: Sustainable Practices for Managing the Environment 


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Too wet to dig the site 8/11!

We will not be digging the Florist site again this Sunday 8/11. While the weather may be better by then, Middletown was pummeled with 5.5 inches of rain Friday and I would like to give the site a chance to dry out. I hope to see everyone out in the field soon! 

Also a few pictures of the talk that Gary and I all gave for the Woodbury Library July 31st have been posted on our Facebook page. It was a wonderful turnout with an attendance of almost 80 people!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Member Doc Bayne speaking at Friends of Sterling Forest in August.

THE FRIENDS OF STERLING FOREST (F.S.F.) a newly formed FRIENDS GROUP, organized to help preserve Sterling Forest State Park.  The F.S.F. will continue to educate and share the beauty of this region with our friends who love the out-of-doors.  There will not be any fee for our events. Donations are accepted to assist F.S.F. preserve the history of your park.
All events will take place at the Visitor’s Center unless otherwise noted.

Lecture – Photography Sunday August 11 1pm
Join Doc Bayne as he teaches the basics of photography.  Come see how easy taking good pictures is when you understand your camera.  Once the pictures are in your camera, learn how to improve them with photo editing programs in your computer.
Lecture – Reading the Woods Sunday August 25 1pm

What is living in the woods?  How do you know what is there?  Frequently, when hiking, we come upon crumbling stonewalls, fruit trees, and other evidence of former inhabitants but most of us do not realize what we are looking at.  This program will show how to differentiate between the works of man and the works of nature. The clues to what animals are living there are everywhere; you just need to know how to read them.  Join Doc Bayne and get a lesson in reading the Woods.

The trails can be steep and rocky, so please wear sturdy hiking shoes. Our hikes will include stops along the way to interpret natural and historic features. Hunting is allowed in portions of Sterling Forest State Park, we suggest wearing hunter orange or bright colors other than white during the hunting season. Registration is required for all programs.  For more information or to register, call 845-351-5907.                                       
Friends of Sterling Forest          EIN # - 45-5464330