Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sad News: Carol Van Buren has died.

Carol Van Buren 

Minisink Town Historian  and Town Clerk Carol Van Buren has died.  She had heart trouble and she left this life as she lived it, surrounded by family.  She was a major force in New York Cultural Resource Management (CRM) which forced developers to consider Precontact and Historic Sites.  The Minisink CRM Law was known locally as "Carol's Law".  
The first major site excavated under "Carol's Law" was named the Minisink Historian Site because Carol was to modest to let it be called the Carol Van Buren Site. The discovery and excavation of the site, like Carol's lifetime of historic research, led to a better understanding of Minisink history. 
The photo shows her at the Minisink Museum accepting the artifacts from her site.
Bill Sandy, RPA
Minisink, Orange County, NY

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