Friday, July 31, 2009

Goshen Bicentennial coming up next weekend: August 8th & 9th!

Due to the Historic Track's soggy infield, the venue has been moved to the former OC Sheriff Jail site behind the Orange County Center. Contact Walter McGrath directly or through our email link on this page to coordinate your efforts. Our programs will be based out of the "Entertainment Tent." Walter would like to begin setting up at 11 am and be ready for the public from noon to 5 pm, both days. Erie Street will be closed during the show hours. Basically, similar activities are planned as we had at Gander Mountain Community Day plus a 'dig for kids,' etc.

Let's have a great time!
And remember to proudly wear your IOCCNYSAA medallion.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Community Day at Gander Mountain, Saturday, July 25th

The Chapter invited the public to see a few examples of materials excavated from the soils of Orange County; experience the craft of working stone into tools (flint-napping); and try their hand at launching darts with the aid of an atlatl. In addition, quite a few brought in artifacts for some of our more experienced members to examine, which covered the range from geological to modern! This year, Gander Mountain provided their training room for our use for the entire 9 am to 3 pm duration of the program! A wonderful venue indeed. We would like to thank Gander Mountain for their hospitality in hosting this event in their Middletown store!

A lot more people came in to check us this year compared to last year. The crowds ebbed and flowed all day!

Gary's expert guidance had folks nailing the targets in just a few throws in Gander Mountain indoor archery range during dart/atlat throwing demonstrations. Those that tried launching the eight foot long projectiles at the static target downrange certainly gained an appreciation for skill involved in hunting a moving target with this technology!

Spanning ten thousand years of technology: The gentleman in the background is taking aim with a modern compound bow and lightweight arrow, as Gary prepares to send one of his eight foot darts down range.

Ray, Chuck and Gary examining three extraordinarily large, thin points that a gentleman found in the foundation walls of his house which was built in 1770!

A special round of applause to Kevin for orchestrating today's event and a hearty job well done to all who participated!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Call For Papers: 23th Annual Highlands Conference

23th Annual Highlands Conference

Hosted by







Archaeologists and historians, professional and avocational, are invited to speak at Saturday's conference. Presentations should be no more than 25 minutes long and may be illustrated with slides or other graphic materials. Both carousel slide and PowerPoint projectors are available. Kindly submit a title and abstract to Edward J. Lenik, Program Chair, via email at or snail mail at Edward J. Lenik at 100 Deerfield Road, Wayne, NJ 97470-6414.

Traditionally, this conference features a morning hike or field trip in the Highlands and an afternoon of papers on topics in Northeastern history or archaeology.

Questions? Call Ed Lenik at 973-835-0770 between 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.

REGISTRATION: The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is necessary.

BOOKROOM: Books on historical and archaeological topics will be available for sale. Please let Ed know if you would like to set up a display in the book room.


More details will be posted as they become available.

Community Day at Gander Mountain planned for Saturday, July 25th

The purpose of this Community Day is to introduce archaeology to the public.

Chapter members will demonstrate making stone projectile points, spear throwers and bows. The public will be invited to bring

their artifacts for identification. Chapter members can bring artifacts (in secure cases only) to display. Chapter members will identify artifacts for the public. Lets get behind this project, call Kevin Storms. at 361-1019 and arrange your participation .

We need set-up and carry away people, people to meet the

public and to identify their artifacts, people to photograph artifacts and record them, people to manage the work area for safety (flying chips) and many other tasks.

You can help. Let’s put our chapter on the map. It was fun last year. With you

r help, we'll have more fun this year!