Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Meeting: Lithic technology

Members Gary Sipila, Brian Manning and Joe Mlcoch presented an absolutely fascinating, in depth lecture with demonstrations of the technologies and skills used to make lithic objects at the April meeting!

Here, Joe demonstrates, up close, the preparation of a striking platform.

Brain discusses the theories of how flakes form from the application of force and energy. Then produces one exactly as predicted!

Gary expertly masterfully lectured on the materials, processes, theories, history, trials and tribulations of making useful stone objects!

Bravo to the entire team!

They also gave us homework assignments and a bunch of handouts to study for May's meeting, which will be devoted to hands on knapping by all willing members! (Bring gloves, eye protection and Band-Aids!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST: Vol. 4, April 2009 excerpts

President’s Message: David Johnson, President.

Several members have told me they are looking forward to the two meetings on flint knapping and I am sure they will not be disappointed. One of the best ways to learn what to look for on an ancient archaeological site is to know how they manufactured their projectile points and tools. By learning about flint knapping we will be far more observant at sites. Within the next few months we will have to opportunity to use the skills and knowledge from the last few meetings in the field.


Forum: Tom Brannan will be the featured speaker at the Annual meeting of the Orange County Geneological Society on May 8th. His subject will be “The silent signal system, an update.” The program will begin at 7:30 PM at the Methodist Church in Goshen.


The complete edition of the THE ARCHAEOLOGIST has been mailed & emailed to all members. If you did not receive your copy, please let us know by contacting Ray Decker directly, or via the email link on the right side of this page.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Before Hudson: 8,000 Years of Native American History and Culture

Conference and Exhibit based on and inspired by archaeological finds from Historic Huguenot Street


Friday, May 1st

Saturday, May 2nd


May 1st through December 20th


Friday, April 24th

6 to 7:30pm

About the Conference

A two-day conference marking the Quadricentennial by exploring and documenting the culture and history of the Native Americans who greeted Henry Hudson and the many Europeans who followed. Inspired by Native American artifacts found during recent archaeological digs at Historic Huguenot Street, this conference delves into the 8,000 year history of the Native Peoples in the Hudson Valley and offers historians, teachers and others interested in local Native American history the opportunity to learn more about our region's first inhabitants.

Dr. Robert Grumet, renown Lenape expert, will open the conference on Friday evening with a keynote address. Dr. Joseph Diamond, Dr. David Oestreicher and tribal historian Darryl Stonefish will present on Saturday. A flintknapping demonstration will follow. For teachers, the conference will feature a presentation on "When Cultures Collide," a specially designed curriculum for grades 4 through 8. An exhibit of the same name, designed in conjunction with the conference, will be open for viewing on both days.

For more info: