Monday, June 23, 2008

New book by chapter member Ed Lenik: "A CLAY TOBACCO PIPE SAMPLER"

New Book from Edward J. Lenik: A CLAY TOBACCO PIPE SAMPLER 

Archaeologist Edward J. Lenik has published A CLAY TOBACCO PIPE SAMPLER, a well illustrated resource for analyzing these artifacts.

A CLAY TOBACCO PIPE SAMPLER features a gallery of pipes unearthed during Lenik's investigations in New Jersey and New York as well as a collection of pipes from the Tabor pipe factory site in South Wolfesboro, New Hampshire and pipes collected at the World Trade center site..  Fifty-seven pipes are illustrated in thirty-one line drawings by Pompton Lakes artist Tom Fitzpatrick, whose informative drawings have complemented Lenik's earlier books..  Another twenty-six pipes are featured in photographs.  The illustrations make this book a pleasure browse through.

In a brief introduction, Lenik discusses the role of clay tobacco pipes in analyzing archaeological sites. Pipes are an important tool for dating archaeological sites and providing insight into trade patterns and domestic economics.  Clay tobacco pipes were first made in Europe and imported to the colonies.  Later, pipe factories sprung up in the colonies.  Early pipes were plain, but later pipes were often elaborately decorated.  Among the motifs in Lenik's sampler are sailing ships, hearts, flowers, shamrocks, historic scenes, harps and faces. 

Included in the book are these pipes:

A plain pipe with no motifs and no maker's mark recovered from the Spring House Rock Shelter, a prehistoric site in Sloatsburg, NY, established the use of this site at the time of European contact with local Indians. The feature was dated to 1690.

A pipe with horizontal flutes and the word “OHIO” on the bowl was made in Bristol England and found at the site of the Albert Berdan House, now under the Point View Reservoir in Wayne, NJ.

 A harp and shamrock motif pipe found at the Wetherby Iron Mine on Long Mountain in the Town of Highlands, NY reflects the Irish immigrants who worked here in the nineteenth century.

A CLAY TOBACCO PIPE SAMPLER joins Lenik's other books which include:






A CLAY TOBACCO PIPE SAMPLER can be purchased directly from Mr. Lenik, 100 Deerfield Road, Wayne, NJ 07470. The 87 page perfectly bound, soft cover book is 8 ½ x 11 and priced at $22 a copy plus $4 shipping.  Please make checks payable to Edward J. Lenik.

20 June meeting posting:

David Johnson discussed plans for the Alius site investigation along the Moodna Creek scheduled for July 12th & 19th.  9 am til…  Confirm with David if you plan to participate (Must be an IOCCNYSAA member in good standing). If you do not have David's contact info, email with your message, including your contact info.

Following the meeting:
Jim Wosocholo, a member of the Forks of the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvanial presented “The Petrogeology of North Central Ramos Arizppe, Coahuila, Mexico.”
This three mile long outcropping overlooking the only year-round water source thirty or so miles in the high desert of the Ramos Arizpe region of Mexico provided a natural spot for people to congregate and spend time.  Perhaps waiting for game to use the watering hole such as the burrows did during Jim Wosocholo's visit this May. 

  This whole ridge is covered with images and symbols pecked or ground into the surfaces of these hard, granite like rocks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST, Vol. 7 June 2008 excerpts

The June  meeting will be held on Friday, June 20,  starting at 7:30 P.M., at the Methodist Church.  Our speaker will be Jim Wosocholo, a member of the Forks of the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania.  Jim will present “The Petrogeology of North Central Ramos Arizppe, Coahuila, Mexico.”

Bring a friend to hear this excellent program.

     Also at the June meeting, David Johnson will discuss the status of the planned excavation along the Moodna Creek.  Please plan to be at the meeting if you would like to dig at this site.


Chapter Website : Pres. Storms requests photos of and/or articles about artifacts, sites, members etc. to be  posted on the chapter’s new website. Please submit material in Microsoft word to


Archaeological Symposium. July 26, 2008.   The chapter will sponsor a symposium at Gander Mountain, Middletown on July 26th.  The purpose is to introduce archaeology to the public.   Chapter members will demonstrate making stone projectile points, spear throwers  and bows. The public will be invited to bring their artifacts for identification.  Chapter members can bring artifacts (in secure cases only) to display.  Chapter members will identify artifacts for the public.   Lets get behind this project, call Pres. Kevin Storms. at 361-1019 and arrange your participation .   We need set-up and carry away people, people to meet the public and to identify their artifacts, people to photograph artifacts and record them, people to manage the work area for safety (flying chips) and many other tasks.  You can help.   Let’s put our chapter on the map.


New Members:   Expert flintknapper Brian Manning  has joined the Orange County Chapter.   Please take the time to introduce yourself to Brian and make him feel welcome.


June Forum:

Here are some GREAT websites: NYS Museum at:    The Society of Primitive Technology at:     The World Atl Atl Association at:


Long time member Raetta M. Decker, wife of Treasurer Harold R. Decker, was stricken while touring Yellowstone on June 11.  After diagnosis at the Cody, Wy. Hospital, she is undergoing tests at Arden Hill, Goshen, to determine the extent and nature of the tumor affecting her health.   Treas. Decker will be sharply reducing his activities for the present.