Monday, June 23, 2008

20 June meeting posting:

David Johnson discussed plans for the Alius site investigation along the Moodna Creek scheduled for July 12th & 19th.  9 am til…  Confirm with David if you plan to participate (Must be an IOCCNYSAA member in good standing). If you do not have David's contact info, email with your message, including your contact info.

Following the meeting:
Jim Wosocholo, a member of the Forks of the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvanial presented “The Petrogeology of North Central Ramos Arizppe, Coahuila, Mexico.”
This three mile long outcropping overlooking the only year-round water source thirty or so miles in the high desert of the Ramos Arizpe region of Mexico provided a natural spot for people to congregate and spend time.  Perhaps waiting for game to use the watering hole such as the burrows did during Jim Wosocholo's visit this May. 

  This whole ridge is covered with images and symbols pecked or ground into the surfaces of these hard, granite like rocks.

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