Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Greater Hudson Heritage Network Webinars

Upcoming Greater Hudson Heritage Network webinars available to Chapter members:

Museums, libraries, and archives have long been without adequate tools and procedures for assessing and managing collection storage and display environments. Grant funds will be used to purchase environmental monitors for FREE lending to five organizations to sign up and attend all four webinars in the sereis. The Image Permanence Institute (IPI) has developed and tested the PEM2 Monitor, which is an innovative tool for environmental monitoring and data analysis. The workshop also includes training with the PEM2 Environmental Monitors which will be lent out to participants who request the equipment. *In order to be eligible to receive one of the PEM2 Environmental Monitors, a participant MUST attend all 4 of the webinars in this series.
Presenter: Rachael Arenstein, AM Art Conservation 
All webinars in this series are from 1PM - 3PM
Webinar 2A- September 24, 2013: The Effect of Environment on Collection Materials
Webinar 2B- October 21, 2013: Developing an Environmental Monitoring Program
Webinar 2C- November 13, 2013: Using the PEM2 and its Software for Monitoring the Enviroment 

Webinar 2D- December 10, 2013: Sustainable Practices for Managing the Environment 


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