Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dwight Warren

Dwight Warren was a friend and a colleague of mine in archaeology. I always was in awe of his incredible passion and dedication to the cause of Archaeology and all things Earth Science. I always gave Dwight the honor of leading my Archaeology/Prehistory class trips from SUNY Orange to our annual class field trip to the DQ caves, and I enjoyed his knowledgeable presentations. Dwight was the driving force behind the present day display case of Orange County archeology located in the Library at SUNY Orange., and this will serve as part of his lasting legacy and contribution to the field of archaeology in our area. Not long after he and April relocated to Cortez, Colorado, my wife, Janet, son Dan, and I went out to the four corners area and paid them a visit. We had a great day together touring the Anasazi sites of Mesa Verde National Park. Dwight was a fascinating and extraordinary person, whose company I enjoyed greatly. He was a self-taught scientist, who made important and lasting contributions to the cause of science and archaeology in the lower Hudson Valley. May he long be remembered and commemorated for his important contributions to science in our area. He will be missed!

Dr. Barry Kass

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