Wednesday, May 6, 2009

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST Vol. 5, May 2009 excerpts

President’s Message: David Johnson, President.


Dutchess Quarry Tour: Many thanks to Susan Roth who chaired this event and to all who served a guides. The highlight of the day was when student member Samuel Dratch found a large Brewerton side notched type point lying on the talus slope in front of Cave #1. This point was apparently missed by the screener in 1965, and has just washed to the surface again. Congratulations to our sharp-eyed member.

Flintknapping and atalyl throwing demonstrations by Gary Sipila, Brian Manning and Joseph Mlcoch continued to attract a crowd. This year, attendees could actually throw a dart or two and actually chip their own points. The chapter has purchased darts and other equipment for this purpose. They will be used at the upcoming Gander Mountain show on Saturday, July 25th. Call Kevin Storms for information about this event, your help would be appreciated.


Annual Meeting: The NYS Association meeting at Rochester was well attended, about 150 persons registered. Our Chapter will host the next meeting, in April of 2010. Plans are being formulated now, lots of help will be needed to man the registration tables, manage the projectors and sound system, attend the book room, greet people at the reception and make people welcome.

There will be three half-day sessions of presentations by professional archaeologists and by people like ourselves. Prepare now to submit a paper for consideration.


Forum: Tom Brannan has proposed that we again hold a summer picnic on Sunday, July 12th. (Save the date.) for members, their families and guests. Plans are to meet at Shannon Park near Slate Hill, pavilions and tables are available there. Please email us using the link on the right if you would like to help plan this event


DUES: Many thanks for those who have sent in their dues. As we change to electronic mailings, you will no longer be reminded by the date next to your name on the envelope. Active member is $25 and Dual Member is $35. Send a check to IOCCNYSAA, 60 Decker Drive, Middletown, N.Y. 10940.

Your Newsletter publisher is Ray Decker Please contact him with chapter business.

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