Saturday, May 2, 2009

2009 Dutchess Quarry Caves Expedition

Ray briefs the the team before they head up the mountain.

Orange County Legislator, Wayne Decker, begins his descent to the caves.

President Dave Johnson discusses Cave #8 including the 4 fluted points found here.

Sammy, Eric's son, finds an archaic point lying on the surface of the spoils from the 1960's excavation of Cave #1!

Entering Cave #1, which yielded evidence of human use from the 12,000 years ago to colonial times.

Eric points out the chert nodules in the wall of cave #1.

From the overlook, Gary points out the geological features left by the glaciers, still visible in the valley.

Brian and Joe demonstrated their napping skills.

All this and we did not disturb the sleeping residents! Great day!

A special note of appreciation to all our guides and all who came to experience this very special place.

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