Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bill Engelbrecht will discuss the Eaton site at the Juen19th meeting.

Incorporated Orange County Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association
Public program following the June 19th meeting:
(Photo credit: Houghton Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association)

Between 1975 - 2000, William Engelbrecht, a recently retired Buffalo State College Professor, author, and current President of the New York State Archaeology Association directed 17 summer archaeological field schools on the Eaton site in western New York. Eaton is a multi-component site containing a large mid 16th century Iroquoian village. Since retiring in 2003, Bill has been working with the material excavated from the site. His talk will focus on the research potential of the collection.

Bill Engelbrecht will involve the audience in "brain storming" - just what kind of studies can be done with the archaeological material gathered from these 17 years of digging the Eaton site?
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The Program is free and open to the public.
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