Monday, October 29, 2012

Past Chapter President Dr. Elizabeth M. (Kraus) Dumont

Dr. Elizabeth M. Dumont, Chapter President 1973-1976 and NYSAA President Emeritus who made many contributions to our local archaeology, including:

  • "Hansen Rockshelter shelter was originally registered with New York State as “Lone Mink Rockshelter” in 1975 by Elizabeth M. and Lewis Dumont and Carolyn Schrier on behalf of the IOCCNYSAA. The 1975 site registration form states that local residents had long referred to the rockshelter as an “Indian cave.” They noted some chipping away of rock material at the front of the cave, and evidence of a hearth or campfire (Dumont, Dumont and Schrier 1975)."
  • "Three other documented rockshelters along the Shawangunk Ridge have also yielded middle archaic Nevell type projectile points. … Elizabeth and Lew Dumont recovered ten in the Rockelein Site in northwest New Jersey."

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  1. Liz Dumont's role as NYSAA President; the efforts by dedicated members of the IOCC that she and her husband Lew led; and her publications and conference papers, earned the IOCC great respect and appreciation in the archaeological community.

    One of the Dumonts' early involvement with the IOCC was during the heroic salvage of the Sugar Loaf Mastodon during a Nor'easter. The successful efforts to raise funds for radiocarbon dating a rib, and then to preserve and restore the beast's remains for exhibit at OCCC were legendary. (Jocularly, the Bulletin Editor, Lew Brennan, it seems, titled the cover photo on the issue of the NYSAA Bulletin that featured the report, "Ehlers and Mastodon": merciless ribbing of Bill Ehlers ensued--pun intended and applied by many.)

    Another lasting major accomplishment was the multi-year investigation of the Rockelein Site that helped to define the nature of the Early to Middle Archaic in the Upper Delaware Valley and Southeastern NY, and that recognized cultural relationships to similar and seemingly earlier expressions in the Southeast, as outlined by Broyles and by Coe.

    Listed here are some of Dr. Dumont's notable publications in archaeology. Several of her works are standard references in college textbooks and scholarship. As noted in the blog posting, she and her husband founded Dumont Archaeological Surveys, a CRM firm that produced many reports on file at the NYS SHPO/State Museum. (She also published, importantly, in the field of metaphysics under the maiden name she used on her doctoral dissertation, Elizabeth M. Kraus.)

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    [--by Edward L. Bell, Massachusetts Deputy SHPO & Sr. Archaeologist, IOCC member since 1974.]