Friday, March 2, 2012

Tavern Night at the A.W. Buckbee Center:

A.W. Buckbee Center ( the old Albert Wisner Library)
If you haven’t been to the A.W. Buckbee Center ( the old Albert Wisner Library) yet, here is your chance to see it. We will shut down the library fluorescents and have the main room appointed with floor and table lighting to make it look and feel like one giant living room. With all the food we have planned and donated it should be quite the grand affair. Some of the sponsors are FlagBrewing, the new Mistucky Creek Homebrew and Wine Supply store. We’ll have wine and desserts as well. Eddie’s Roadhouse, Yesterday’s Restaurant & Pub, and Fetch Bar & Grill are additional sponsors. It will be a high-value evening in the Village for a Minimum Donation of $30.00.

It will be a friend-raiser as well as a fund-raiser benefiting The Historical Society of Warwick's Oral History Project. Please come with pockets filled with extra cash! This year we will conduct a raffle of items from our sponsors plus a couple of other surprises too.

Robert Schmick, Ph.D.
This project will be directed by our new Executive Director, Bob Schmick, Ph.D., and will be conducted by Town of Warwick College and High School students. Giving new and future Town Historians an opportunity to engage with those of us who have the stories to tell of the people, families, groups, places, times and events of our past. Through the wide ranging activities within this project, these New Historians will develop and use talents resulting in assertive resume statements that will help them later gain jobs in the workforce. It will be a major win for all involved.

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