Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fishkill Supply Depot News

This 2007 photos show archaeologists removing plastic protecting Feature 1 since the Temple University dig of 1973.

Two of the graves exposed in 2007.

Last week a major archaeological investigation began at the "Crossroads" parcel within the Fishkill Supply Depot Historic District (SR,NR) in Fishkill, Dutchess County.  Hartgen Archaeological Associates joins a very long list of archaeologists who have worked in the District, including Paul Huey (1968) and Temple University (1971-1973).  In 2007, a NYC based team discovered a large Revolutionary War Soldiers' Cemetery, which brought the development plans to a temporary halt. They also examined a structure found by Temple, which is believed to be a c1778 barracks.   A bill before the US House and Senate would provide money for the purchase of the 10+ acre parcel.  

The investigations came as a surprise to the Fishkill Historical Society and the Friends of Fishkill Supply Depot, 2 groups working for the protection of the site.  What the plans of the Hartgen Archaeological Team are could not be determined at this time because they supplied locals with very little information.

A tour of the Fishkill Supply Depot, including the Depot headquarters at the Van Wyck House is planned for the Sunday following the NYSAA meeting.
Bill Sandy, RPA
Board Member, Friends of Fishkill Supply Depot

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