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THE ARCHAEOLOGIST: Vol. 12, March 19, 2010 - excerpts

President’s Message:  

            At this meeting we will discuss Colonial and Revolutionary flintlocks and accessories. Since this region was so involved in the Colonial and Revolutionary historical periods artifacts from these periods are commonly found. Being able to identify these items when only fragments may survive is always helpful in determining historical periods. Some of the items on display are in excellent condition and need special handling. Please bring light gloves if you wish to touch any of these items.

            We will also be finalizing preparations for the state conference in April. I will have signup sheets for volunteers for the following events.

a.    Reception table
b.    Setting up the book room – chairs and tables
c.    Audio-visual portion
d.    Dutchess Quarry
e.    Flintknapping and atlatl demonstration

            I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.


DUES: Many thanks for those who have sent in their dues. As we change to electronic mailings, you will no longer be reminded by the date next to your name on the envelope.  Please remit by April 1st so that we can report you as a member of the NYS Association.  Active member is $25 and Dual Member is $35. Please see Ray Decker, our treasurer, at our meeting or send a check to IOCCNYSAA, 60 Decker Drive, Middletown, N.Y.  10940.

I received this announcement from Barry Kass. Some of you might be interested in going.

            Hi Dave,
I found the following announcement and thought that it would be of interest to the Chapter:

The Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave, NY announces the 1st Annual Early Technology Day on Saturday April 10 from 10 to 4. Join us for Flint Knapping Demonstrations, Atl-Atl Shoot, and Various Demonstrations of Early Technology.
Flint knapping is the ancient art of making chipped stone tools. Are you a knapper? Please join us! Curious? Want to learn? Come and see or learn hands-on. Are you interested in archaeology? Have you ever found an artifact? Please bring it with you and we’ll try to identify it for you. This museum has one of the largest point-type collections on display, so you can compare your find to ours! This is a public event.

This year we will demonstrate the process of flint knapping, using local and semi-local cherts and lithics. Iroquois “Madison” points are some of what we will make. There will be examples of points, replica tools, and local archaeological displays from our archaeology department. A variety of local stones will be provided, as well as some knapping kits, for those who wish to try replicating points. Knappers are welcome to bring their own stone and tools. We encourage demonstrations and teaching. Primitive fire making, atl-atl spear throwing, early archery and show-and-tell are also welcomed as part of this event.
For more information: Iroquois Indian Museum, P.O. Box 7, 324 Caverns Rd., Howes Cave, NY 12092. (518) 296-8949, or

Schedule of Events:10:00 Introduction of knappers, archaeologists and displays.
10:15 knapping demos – using local materials, making various points
11:00 pressure flaking workshop (all ages)
11:00 percussion lessons – (adults only, limited to # of goggles and instructors).
12:00 noon: lunch break
12:30 knapping demos – making various points.
1:00 pressure flaking workshop (adults only)
1:30 percussion lessons (adults only, limited to # of goggles and instructors).
2:00 Atl-atl spear throwing 

Archaeology: identification, displays, and primitive technology demonstrations all day, at varied times and demos, to be announced: Some of these scheduled events are simultaneous. Archery is welcomed: if you have equipment, you may shoot, after 2:30 pm, and that can be scheduled to happen between turns of spear throwing. Some spears and throwers are provided. The schedule is adjusted to fit the weather as well as attendance.

Barry Kass

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