Friday, September 18, 2009

September meeting: “Blacksmith Site..." by Jim Wosochlo

Jim presented his surface finds from this recently discovered site on his family's farm that the local lore says was home to a black blacksmith prior to the Civil War. Prehistoric finds range from a fluted point to contact period items. Historic period finds include a structure foundation and all sorts of domestic items and coins dated from 1801-1856. Above is a counterfeit 1854 half dollar made from a very dense brittle cast medal that Jim found near the foundation.
Above is a brass "Wright Brother" pin. Since the site was also used to train WWII pilots, one wonders who this "Wright Brother" was. Bottom line appears to read: "Maker Prita"

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  1. The artifact pictured appears to be late eighteenth or early nineteenth century,It means Wright Brother was the maker from Phila.not Prita. Kevin S.