Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jim Wosochlo presents “Black Smith Site..." at Sept. 18th meeting

“Black Smith Site... Schuylkill County, PA”

Presented By

Jim Wosochlo,

President of Chapter 14, The Forks of The Delaware & Second Vice President of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc. <>

The Site I will be speaking about is a new site I have found on the lower half of my family’s farm... it has Historic and Pre-Historic finds...

According to my great grandparents a blacksmith lived at the site just before the Civil War. Among the items discovered on this site are pre-historic Lehigh Broad Points and other native artifacts. For the Historic finds, I have a great coin collection including a counterfeit 1854 Half Dollar. A large group of buttons, pipe stems, marbles and other historic artifacts. But nothing dates after the Civil War.

My family purchased the land during the early days of WW II when this site becomes a training Base for pilots.

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The Program is free and open to the public.

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