Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News: 1872 Otisville Mastodon Stomach Contents Examination,

Update from Ray Decker:
Dr. Guy Robinson and Mary Egan, biologists and members of the Fordham University academic staff, recently visited the site of the 1872 Otisville Mastodon exhumation. The fossil is now mounted at the Peabody museum, Yale Campus, New Haven, Conn. That museum has provided Dr. Robinson with a five pound ball of stomach contents exhumed with the fossil in 1872. By analyzing the pollen and seeds in the stomach contents, Dr. Robinson will discover the season of death and the health of the animal with respect to starvation. Starving animals consume non typical foodstuff.

Dr. Robinson and Ms. Egan were present at the exhumation of the Keeton Mastodon Tusks this summer, and will prepare a similar report with respect to that fossil by studying the soil in contact with the fossil and extracting the pollen and seeds wherein.

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