Saturday, October 18, 2008

October, 2008 Chapter Meeting

Chuck brought us up-to-date with the 50th Annual Dinner and Symposium plans scheduled for Saturday November 8th at OCCC in Middletown. More details to follow.

Priscilla seemed very happy to be holding the winning 50-50 ticket! Gary, likewise was pleased to win the special prize: Brian's handcrafted point. 

Following the meeting, Doug Mackey, an Historic Preservation Program Analyst with the New York State Historic Preservation Office gave a most detailed presentation on his examination of mounding cultures in New York.  The map shows areas of confirmed mounds, in the western part of the state.
Although artifacts, normally characterized with the Adena/Hopewell cultures have been found as far east as the Hudson Valley.  Have the mounds been obliterated by effects of time and plowing, or were they never constructed further east?

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