Sunday, October 26, 2008

22nd Joint Archaeological And Historical Conference - Saturday, October 25, 2008

At noontime, two dozen invigorated hikers returned from exploring the Crawford (Belcher) and Brennan mine sites, miner's cabin ruins, Indian rockshelters and up a mountain to BLACK ROCK, a sacred site of the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation, in Sterling Forest State Park.  Hike leader was Thomas Fitzpatrick.

Chapter member, Bill Sandy led off the afternoon indoor conference with his analysis of the flotation results from Delaware sites.  An astounding array of archaeobotanical and physically small objects added immeasurably to the understanding of those sites.

Allan S. Gilbert of Fordham University, discussed his investigations as to the age of the famous NY Botanical Garden "Turtle Petroglyph."

Eugene J. Boesch narrated the story of the Jay Mansion "From Farmstead to Mansion: 18th and 19th Century Life at 'The Locusts'" in Pehham, NY.

"The Real Story of the Sterling Furnace, 1736-1923" by Doc Baynes, Sterling Forest State Park Education Ranger and conference host.

Conference mc, Susan Deeks, introduces Jonathan Witcoski who discussed the various geographical information systems and how they can add to archaeological inquiries.

Kathy Fisher from the Montville Township Historic Preservation Commission gave the story of saving and restoring the eighteenth century "Henry Doremus House - New Netherlands Heritage."

Nancy L. Gibbs of the North Jersey Highlands Historical Society happened upon a nineteenth century NY Times article that mentioned an emigrant train accident near Tuxedo. Her curiosity piqued, she researched and related the fascinating tail of the railroad's practices in promoting settlements along their rights of way.

Incorporated Orange County Chapter Of The New York State Archeological Association President, Kevin Storms,  closed the conference with the most sincere appreciation to Edward J. Lenik for his efforts in organizing this most enjoyable and successful event:

Program Chair: Edward J. Lenik: Inc.OCC, NYSAA, ASNJ and NJHHS.

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