Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The election results have been tallied.

President Kevin Storms announces result of election for Chapter's 2009 officers:
President - Dave Johnson 34 votes
Vice President - Chuck Tudor  34 votes
Treasurer - Ray Decker  31 votes
                 Fred Assmus 4 votes
Rec. Secretary - Priscilla Johnson  34 votes
Corresp. Secretary - Sharon Assmus  24 votes
                                Harriet Beers   8 votes
Trustee - (Two each for two year term 2009-2010)
              Clif Patrick  32 votes
              Kevin Storms  20 votes
              Fred Assmus  13 votes 

These are all two year terms, running from 1 January, 2009 to 31 December, 2010.

The Chapter wishes to express our appreciation to all who stood for office in addition to everyone who voted.

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