Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday March 13th Florist Site lab

Steph & Gary documenting specimens.
While Steph, Gary K. and Clif were working last night's lab in Chester, Maggie texted in greetings from Towanda, PA were she is working a short contract project. 

Next lab scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 7 pm at Clif Patrick's insurance office in Chester.  If you are interested in stopping by to help it would be great! If possible let Steph or Clif know if you are interested in stopping by so that we can arrange for appropriate space for everyone. We will be meeting on other nights in the near future too if you are interested in helping but can't make it this week. 

All are welcome! 

Clif's office: 119 Brookside Ave. Chester, NY 10918

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