Thursday, June 9, 2011

UPDATE: IOCCNYSAA Dutchess Quarry Caves Tour

Note: Due to imposed conditions, this year's tour is restricted to IOCCNYSAA members and their guests.
Sorry, this year's tour is not open to the general public.

Gary cleared a trail today and reports that a lot of fallen trees litter the site and trail! This will 
make the hike up to the caves plus traversing the talus slope more difficult than it has been in the past!

Plus, the wet spring has made for a bumper crop of poison ivy; so be prepared for a much more challenging hike than in previous years.

Hands-on flint-napping and atlatl demonstrations are planned at the assembly point. 10 am is the planned start. Groups of about dozen or so members at a time will be dispatched from the assembly point with guides to archaic beaches, the caves and, possibly, the quarry overlook.

Come appropriately dressed for the hike up the mountain. It will be a moderate to difficult hike this year. Expect to encounter rocky, muddy terrain in addition to fallen trees, thorns, underbrush and steep climb. 

As disease carrying ticks are endemic in Orange County, please take appropriate precautions.
See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web page "Stop Ticks:"

Some photos from prior expeditions:

Please bring hard hats or other head protection for entering the caves. A few hard hards will be available for communal use.

Email was sent to members with additional details.
Questions? Contact Gary directly or email

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