Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tunkamoose: It's a boy!

Hi guys,

Some new info for you.  A brand new paper used principal components analysis to determine whether mastodon tusks are from males or females.  Usually females are smaller.  Based on the size of the Tunkamoose tusk, I assumed it was male but didn't know for sure.  Well, the test confirmed it was from a male.  At least the big complete tusk is from a male.

We also have another person that is conserving the tusk.  Gay retired a couple years ago.  The new conservator is Lisa.  She's doing an amazing job, although with her "real" duties at the museum, she only gets to the tusk a few times a month.  The big tusk is coming along.

Also, the museum will be having an exhibit over the summer (likely late July/early August)  called "From the Collections".  Its based on major collections and contributors of the NY State Museum's collections.  My section will have the Arborio mastodon exhibited as well as having a brief description of the IOCCNYSAA, as contributors to the vertebrate paleontology collections.


Robert S. Feranec, Ph.D.
Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
New York State Museum
Albany, NY  12230

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