Sunday, August 9, 2009

Second day of Goshen Bicentennial: August 9th!

Perhaps it was the forecast of rain for Sunday that reduced the crowds for the second and final day of the event, but not their enthusiasm! It was a good day as you can see all the smiles.

Left is Jordan who excitedly found the final piece and assembled a complete plate from the mock dig. We were privileged to expose citizens, both young and old, to the joy of archaeology and our Chapter!

Bravo to the Goshen team, especially, Kathie, who organized the weekend's activities; seen here checking with Walter to make sure we were ok. During her rounds, she also handed out water to volunteers making sure everyone stayed hydrated. A really nice touch!
Bravo to Walter, seen here loading the hay bails used on the atlatl range, for organizing our efforts!
We had great teams representing the Chapter on both days! A special thanks to all who helped! A job well done!

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