Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pilgrim Farmhouse site visit #2

Sue coordinated this second look at the Pilgrim Farmhouse site.

The farmhouse dates from about 1830, give or take. Last spring we checked the front yard. Although a large number of objects were found, it was obvious that it was highly disturbed, for the soils where mixed, no stratification, and there was no discernible pattern to the distribution of the objects. Newer objects found below older ones, etc.

Ray selected the lowest spot proximate to the rear of the farmhouse to explore, hoping to find undisturbed soil with its historical integrity intact.

Ray closely supervised today's crew (mostly novices). The more we dug, the more we stuff we found - mostly modern items, such as this cell phone cradle about 3" down.
Nearly two feet down and still finding large pieces of sheet steel, believed to be from when aluminum siding was applied to the house in the 1960s or '70s.

It is obvious that the back yard has been regraded and the undisturbed soils had been buried.

Perhaps we'll try again to locate a spot that hasn't been bulldozed.

Thanks to all who participated in good spirits on this hot, humid Saturday morning!

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