Friday, February 1, 2008

New York State Archives/Library/Museum expedition

A small group ventured to the New York State Archives/Library/Museum in Albany,  Wednesday, January 30th. Ray had made arrangements with the Museum staff to visit the Dutchess Quarry Caves artifacts. Seen here is Andrea Lain, Archeology Collections Manager, Ray Decker, Frank Mapes and Doc Baynes examining the Dutchess Quarry Caves drawer.  The famed Cumberland point is clearly visible in its own container.

While Ray and Frank consulted with the Museum and Library senior staff, Clif Patrick, former member Doc Baynes and Rod Johnson researched the the Archives and Special Collections. 

Frank, below, in front of the Arborio Mastodon, (Mammut Americanum) specimen recovered by the chapter from the I-84 construction site near Montgomery in the 1960s. Also photos of flat-headed peccary (Platygonus compressus) and giant beaver (Castoroides ohioensis) skulls...fragments found at D.Q.

Of course, Ray had to check out the Otisville Firetruck.  An old NYC truck used at the NYC Board of Health Tuberculosis Hospital at Otisville and sent to the museum when the State took over in 1955.  T.B. Hospital is now both a state and a Federal prison. 

Ray couldn't resist a little side excursion to the Great Algonkian Flint Mines at Coxsackie, NY on the return trip. We reached the site as darkness fell, but the size of the site and workings were just amazing!

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