Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Search of the Lenape: The Delaware Indians Past and Present.

The Incorporated Orange County Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association cordially invites you to its annual dinner to be held at The Eagle's Nest Restaurant, 58 Eagle's Nest Road, Bloomingburg, New York on Friday November 16th, 2007 at 6:30. 

Our guest speaker will be David Oestreicher speaking on In Search of the Lenape: The Delaware Indians Past and Present. 

A lecture by David Oestreicher 

For twelve thousand years, the region that is now lower New York, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware was home to groups of Lenape (Delaware Indians) and their prehistoric forebears. By the late 18th and early 19th centuries, however, after a tragic series of removals that had taken them halfway across the continent, the broken remnants of these tribes had finally come to settle in parts of Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Ontario. By the early 20th century, only a handful of elders could still speak their native language, or had any knowledge of the traditional ways. 

In this lively and engaging talk, David M. Oestreicher gives a brief overview of the prehistory of the Mid-Atlantic region, describes how the Lenape and their neighbors subsisted at the time of European contact, why they ultimately left their traditional homelands, and where they are living today. Dr. Oestreicher touches upon the major historic events that took place involving the Lenape, and relates how the Lenape language, ceremonies, religious beliefs and life ways were impacted by removal. The talk includes a slide program featuring Lenape artifacts, maps, illustrations and photographs of various life activities, including portraits of some of the most important tribal traditionalists - those who were the last repositories of their culture. The talk concludes with an account of efforts today by the Lenape and their neighbors to reclaim their ancient heritage and revive long abandoned traditions. 

Dr. David Oestreicher Independent Scholar 

David M. Oestreicher is recognized as a leading authority on the Lenape (Delaware) and related tribes, having for years conducted research among the last tribal traditionalists. He is curator of the award-winning traveling exhibition, In Search of the Lenape: The Delaware Indians, Past and Present, which the New York Times described as "an extended reverie,” capturing "the vitality and poignancy of the Lenape saga." His writings have appeared in leading scholarly journals and books, and several years ago he completed the final portion of the late Herbert C. Kraft's The Lenape/Delaware Indian Heritage: 10,000 B. C. - 2000 A. D. a tome subsequently hailed by scholars as the seminal work on the Lenape. 

Oestreicher holds a master's degree in Hebraic Studies from New York University (1985), and a master’s degree and doctorate in anthropology from Rutgers University (1991, 1995). 

NOTE:  Dr. Oestreicher’s lecture is open to the public without charge.



Tickets for the dinner are $38.00 each and your payment should be sent before Nov. 9,2007 to: IOCCNYSAA 

C/o Harold R. Decker 

60 Decker Drive, RD 4 

Middletown, New York 10940

Please indicate which entree you would like: 

Chicken Piccatta Prime Rib of Beef 

Filet of Salmon with Fine Herbs Vegetarian Meal on Request 

For more information please call: Chuck Tudor at 845-562-9395 or Sharon Assmus at 845-343-1671. Lecture is free & open to the public starting at 8:45 PM 

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