Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kevin Storms Historic Art talk.

  Following the regular chapter meeting, held upstairs in the old court room of the 1841 Court House on Friday September 21st, Kevin gave a most interesting talk on how he became known as a "historical artist" and the effort that goes into getting the details right.  Many artists produce works about historic subjects, but without the in depth knowledge of the subject, the period and research to verify the details, these works can promote inaccurate myths into our history.  Above is a picture Kevin did when he was nine years old of Daniel Boone.  He took a lot of grief because, even at the age of nine, Kevin made the effort to research his subject and paint him with a hat of the type that Boone actually used.  Contrary to popular myth, Daniel Boone never wore a Coonskin cap and Kevin has the documentation to proof it!

   Kevin discussed human need to communicate through images - from cave art all the way through our reactions to 9/11.  Though the need to communicate has remained a constant throughout the ages, the interpretation and technologies have evolved - and Kevin exhibited many samples of this process.

  Earlier this year, Orange County Historian, Ted Sly, commissioned Kevin to create works to commemorate the centennial rededication of the Civil War Orange Blossom Monument to the members of the 124th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment on September ninth.  Kevin labored intently to produce paintings that portrayed these veterans accurately attired and in character. Following Kevin's talk, the audience studied this exhibit, which will be on display in the Main Hall of the 1841 Court House through November.

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