Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Final Meeting of the Year & Holiday Grab Bag!

The December meeting will feature the Holiday potluck dinner and the Grab-Bag.
** Please let Stephanie know what you are bringing so we can make sure there will be a variety of food and drinks at the party.
Here are the rules for the grab-bag:

    1. You can attend the meeting and not participate in the grab-bag.
    2. Anyone who wishes to participate in the grab-bag needs to contribute one of more gift.
    3. Although archaeological themes are welcome, other gift ideas are also acceptable such as baked items. In other words, simply use your imagination.
    4. We are suggesting the value of the gift be up to $10.
    5. All gifts need to be wrapped and identified as to gender specific if needed.
    6. All participants draw a number.
    7. Number 1 goes first followed by consecutive numbers.
    8. Upon taking a gift it needs to be opened and shown to the group.
    9. Following number 1 each of the other participants can either take a gift from the table or from one of the other participants with a lower number, however you cannot take the same gift back twice in the same turn.
    10. If your gift is taken you can go back to the table and take another gift, or take a gift from another person.
    11. After all the numbers are completed and gifts opened, the person with number one can exchange their gift with anyone they choose.
    12. All participants are encouraged to take a gift from another person if they like that gift. This is what makes it more interesting. So don’t be bashful.

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