Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014-09-19 Meeting

V-P Steph presided at the meeting bringing those in attendance up to date on the various Chapter projects and events. Nominations for our upcoming elections were opened, but more to follow on that subject.
We were disappointed when tonight's scheduled speaker, Jim Wosochlo, called early Friday morning to say he was unexpectedly called into work and couldn't make it to Middletown. But, when Steph said she had arranged an alternate program, she wasn't kidding, introducing Gary S. & Gary K.!

Gary S. began telling the story how, last week, he struck up a conversation with a guy, who had just arrived in our area for a job from down south. The conversation turned to archaeology, and when the visitor learned of  Gary's interest, he mentioned that he was looking for Gary K. and wondered if Gary knew Gary. Well, of course he did! Gary S. connected with Gary K., who upon hearing of the project, called is son Glenn, who immediately left his office at the Museum of Natural History.

They all converged at the site in Pine Island, where the farmer clearing the ditch above, hit something. In that grey muck in the left of the photo were mastodon bones!

The Garys proceeded to tell how they got right into the muck and recovered what is thought to be roughly half of an articulated mature male with lots of slides. 

Gary showing a few photos on his phone that didn't make it into the slide show.

This was absolutely fascinating and wonderful talk!
Bravo Gary, Gary & Glenn!

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