Friday, February 7, 2014

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST Vol. 2, February, 2014 Excerpts.

Vol. 2, February, 2014

Chapter meetings are held 7:30 pm on the third Friday of each month except July, August & November, at the Mulbury House Senior Center located at 62-70 West Main Street, Middletown, NY 10940. All are welcome to our January meeting: Friday, January 17th at the Mulbury House Senior Center!
President’s Message
Considering the type of winter we are having I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone our policy for canceling a meeting due to bad weather. If we decide to cancel the meeting due to snow, we will send out an email message by noon on the day of the meeting. For those who do not have email we will call them. If anyone has any doubt they can call me at 845-454-1860 or email me by 4 PM the day of the meeting.
The person scheduled to speak this month canceled, and we have not been able to get a replacement. Our back up plan is for me to do a program on my research in the southwest. During last September and October we made some very interesting breakthroughs in interpreting the stone features mapping areas of higher permeability in the groundwater. My program will discuss what we learned and the effect it will have on archaeology in that region. 
Winter Laboratory Sessions

We started processing the Chapter’s 2013 Field Work Wednesday evening, January 22, 2014 in Chester at Clif Patrick’s place and one night very week since.

February’s remaining schedule is:
7 pm Wednesday, 13th
7 pm Tuesday, 18th
7 pm Tuesday, 25th

We’re moving the schedule around to give as many members as possible an opportunity attend a lab session. So, contact Stephanie or email us at with the March dates that you would like.  

 Correction! The D.Q. #1 point photograph in January’s issue attributed to Harold R. Decker is actually by Peter Bostrum.
THE ARCHAEOLOGIST Vol. 2, February, 2014 was emailed to members in good standing. Please contact us if you didn't get your copy.

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