Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013-02-15 Meeting

Before the meeting was called to order, Bill, Steph and Gary examine a trove of lithic artifacts from Doc's back yard! Doc suspects that they washed down the steep hillside into his yard. What a back yard!

Following the meeting, Cory Harris gave an inspiring talk on how, with the help of Chapter members, Gary and Doc, along with the Orange County Land Trust and others, he was able to find the Fuller Mountain Preserve site and put together the Orange County Community College field school - the first in many years! This gave his students real field experience and, just a importantly, an alternative (aka: non-classroom) learning environment. Nothing like discovering stuff in the real world to make the traditional scholastic endeavors a bit more interesting.
The 2012 Fuller Mountain Preserve Field School participants.
This unusual assemblage of features on a ridge appeared undisturbed by subsequent activities. Plus, since there was no local lore about them, an investigation could be undertaken without preconceptions.

Although this is still very early in the investigation of the site, most of the artifacts recovered, so far, date from the early to late nineteenth century.

We look forward further discoveries as they develop at the Fuller Mountain Preserve site!

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