Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blacksmithing Classes offered at the Hasbrouck Carriage House, Warwick, NY!

The following is the Warwick Historical Society's blacksmithing course offering for August 11 & 12. If you are interested please contact me as instructed below. Take a look at: for more details. Scroll through the site as there is a lot of content related to blacksmithing. I look forward to seeing you at the anvil at the Hasbrouck Carriage House, 105 Main St., Warwick, NY. 
Robert Schmick, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Historical Society
Town of Warwick
A.W. Buckbee Center
2 Colonial Avenue
P.O.Box 353
Warwick, New York 10990

Blacksmithing Classes at the Hasbrouck Carriage House Behind Baird's Tavern on August 11 &12, 2012, additional classes available on August 13 & 14 for an additional $50 each day.
$325, includes use of tools and metal materials

This class will be taught by our returning Maine Blacksmith Adriaan Gerber who will be sharing his trade with Summer History Campers during the preceeding week. As a follow-up to our recent beginning blacksmithing class we are offering this weekend, 16 hour class, 8-hours each day, in the making of edge tools.
Adriaan makes high quality knives, swords, halberds and other edge tools in his Maine smithy and sells them around the world. Now he will be sharing his know-how with you in this class that will result in the completion of a tomahawk ( you can even make a handle for it if you would like to devote the time to it at a shaving horse), a knife, and another project depending on time. A draw knife or slick are two possibilities.
The course can continue on into the next week for those who are free to do so, and there will be an additional fee of $50 for each day beyond the 2-day course.
The class will involve safety, fire building (we use vintage coal burning forges), heating metal, shaping, cutting, and forge welding. We prefer that students have some blacksmithing experience although it is not mandatory. The class is limited to six so there will be personal attention given by Adriaan and his assistant Robert Schmick to each of the students.

Call: 845-781-3729 or 845-986-3236 or email: for information and registration. Please act now if you are serious as the class is limited to six.

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