Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tour of the Hansen Rockshelter site scheduled!

The Town of Minisink Museum (Orange County, NY) is sponsoring the first public tour of the Hansen Rockshelter site in 30 years, on Memorial Day, May 28, 2012 at 2PM.  Located near the Black Dirt, the Hansen Rockshelter is the best known Native American site in town.  It was dug by the Incorporated Orange Co. Chapter (IOCC), New York State Archaeological Association in 1982.  The Museum has an easement to the cave.  It was occupied over the course of 5,000 years and has produced a variety of stone tools and a lot of Indian pottery, much of which is on display in the museum.  The bones of 28 different animals, including elk and passenger pigeon were recovered.  Recently, the New York State Museum used AMS radiocarbon dating to determine the age of raccoon bones from the site.  The next issue of The Bulletin of the NYSAA will include an article on Hansen Rockshelter.  Meet at the Town Museum (726-4148), 20 Roy Smith Drive (off Rt 284) at 2PM for a short lecture and view of the artifacts, then we will caravan to the site.  

Bill Sandy, RPA


Sandy, William
2009   Hansen Rock Shelter; A Preliminary Look at a Black Dirt Area Time Capsule.  Occasional Papers No. 3, IOCCNYSAA: pp 21-37.  IOCCNYSAA, Goshen.

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