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THE ARCHAEOLOGIST Excerpts - Vol. 1, January 20, 2012


Vol. 1, January 20, 2012
Chapter email -
Chapter meetings are held on the third Friday of each month except July and August.
The January meeting will be held on Friday, the 20th, at 7:30 P.M at
Mulberry House (Middletown) Senior Center.
The address is 62-70 West Main Street in Middletown. The location is handicapped accessible. If it works for us, we will continue to hold our meetings there and then move to the new location with them. The following maps show its location.

Program - David Johnson will discuss sites in Arizona and New Mexico, including Chaco Canyon and Anasazi Roads.
President’s Message
 Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday even through it seemed like early spring. The holiday party went well with a wide variety of food and was enjoyed by all. Now it is time to get ready for the state conference this April. I will be posting a signup sheet for volunteers. We will need people to help with setting up, registration, audio-video and poster room to mention a few. Don’t forget, dues are due.
I hope to see you at this month’s meeting.
February 17, 2012 - Barry Kass will discuss "Ancient Greco-Roman sites in Sicily and southern Italy, including Pompeii and Herculaneum"
March 16, 2012 – Stephanie Tice will be presenting a course on how to identify and label artifacts. This is presentation is especially important to anyone who will be working at the Florist site.
Dues are due for 2012. Please contact our treasurer, Jon Leonard, to send in your payment. Or you can pay your dues at the monthly meeting. He can be reached at the following:
State Newsletter
The recent state newsletter which has an interesting article on Spanish Hill starting on page 10. Website:
(Editors note: The state site did not load as of 2012-01-08)
April 27rd – 29th, 2012
The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
2170 South Road / Route 9, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12603
Hotel Reservation:
 *** PLEASE NOTE – A block of 50 rooms has been reserved and will be held for our conference untilFriday, March 16, 2012. This is 6 weeks before the conference. Therefore, to ensure you reserve one of these rooms you need to make your reservation by Friday, March 16, 2012. After that date the hotel will open any unreserved rooms in this block to the public. This is to prevent our chapter from having to pay for unused rooms within the block of 50. If all 50 rooms are reserved prior to March 16, 2012 additional rooms will be added to the conference block.
To reserve your room call the Clarion Hotel at 845-462-4600. The rate is $99.99 per room per night plus tax, 12.125% and includes breakfast.
Please Print:
Names of people in your party:
Contact Address: _________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________
Email: __________________________
Early Registration $30 - the deadline is Friday, April 13, 2012.
After April 13, 2012 registration is $35.
Buffet Banquet Saturday Evening is $25.
Conference Registration:
Date _________ Number of Persons ______ $ Amount __________
Banquet Reservation:
 Number of Persons ______ $ Amount ___________
Total Enclosed: ____________
Please make checks out to IOCCNYSAA and send your check to:
Jon Leonard
34 Clark Road
Goshen, NY 10924
Sunday Afternoon Field Trip Options
 We are offering a field trip Sunday afternoon to the Fishkill Cantonment and Van Wyck Historical House in Fishkill, New York. This event requires advanced scheduling by our chapter; therefore we need to know approximately how many people are interested in attending before the conference. Please send in the field trip reservation with your conference registration form. Located just 6.5 miles south of the hotel at the intersection of Route 9 and Interstate 84, the Fishkill Cantonment is one of the most important revolutionary encampments. This tour will include the 1732 Van Wyck House Museum and a tour of the Revolutionary War cemetery with Bill Sandy. The tour will begin at 1 and take about an hour and a half. The only cost is a donation to the Van Wyck Homestead Museum.
Please fill in this form and send it in with your conference reservation.
Number of people in your party:
Please list Names:
Call For Papers:
Barry Kass, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, SUNY Orange, and Cory Harris, Ph. D., Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department, SUNY Orange, are the program co-chairs. The deadline for submissions isMarch 1, 2012. Paper proposal abstracts should be e-mailed to Barry Kass as Microsoft Word Call with questions: 845 733-1830.
Book Room Reservation: Contact David Johnson at 845-454-1860 or to reserve a table in the book room:
Banquet speaker: David Johnson
Analyzing New York State’s Archaeology based on Peruvian and Southwestern United States Surveys
Although Johnson has been associated with New York State archaeology for the last 45 years, he didn’t realize he was missing something here in New York State until 1996, when he discovered a correlation existed between Peru’s Nasca Lines and groundwater. During the last fifteen years his research team has provided considerable evidence indicating many of the ancient Nasca Lines map the course of aquifers from the Andes, across Peru and Chile’s coastal desert, to the Pacific coast. Eventually he expanded his study to include the southwestern United States and found a similar correlation existed between Chacoan Roads, archaeological sites and aquifers in Arizona and New Mexico. As in Peru and Chile surface features mapped the flow of aquifers. This led him to wonder if Native Americans used similar techniques in the northeast, especially New York State, for the same purpose. Interestingly, preliminary data suggests this theory also applies to our region. During his presentation he will present the similarities between these regions regarding surface mapping and aquifers.
 David Johnson has been a member of the New York State Archaeology Association since he was sixteen years old. He is a National Geographic Research and Exploration recipient for his research on the Nasca Lines and has written several articles and a book on this subject. Currently he is collaborating with archaeologists in Peru, Arizona, New Mexico and New York to develop a better understanding of how ancient Native Americans were able to locate and map groundwater resources. You can learn more about Johnson by visiting his website
For Additional Information please contact:
David Johnson at 845-454-1860 or

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