Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Annual Meeting and Diner

President Dave Johnson convened the 2011 Annual Meeting and Dinner at Catlin Gardens' newly constructed facility in Slate Hill.

Stephanie Tice was very honored to introduce her former professor and mentor, Dr. David Starbuck, who provided fascinating foundation on the French and Indian War in the Lake George region upon which he discussed his archaeological findings over the last twenty some odd years at Fort William Henry, site of the "Last of the Mohican." 

The French and their Indian allies took this English Fort in August 1757. French offered the British very generous surrender terms without the consent of their Indian allies who attacked the disarmed British troops as they marched back to the British lines under the 'protection' of the quickly disappearing French escort. French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm stopped the attack some time after it was launched, though, by that time, a number of British soldiers and civilian had lost their scalps. Following the battle, the French destroyed the Fort and marched thirty miles north to their base at Fort Carillon, now known as Fort Ticonderoga. The site lay essentially dormant until the 1950s, when a replica was constructed. Since the early 1990s, David Starbuck and his teams have conducted investigations, both within and around the Fort, including the e-coli contaminated 25 foot deep dug well within the Fort. Numerous important finds have both reinforced and contradicted the historical record and lore.

David Starbuck noted the importance of the various interested groups, such as archaeologists, preservationists, historians, period re-enactors, Fort William Henry owners, etc. in working together to promote, improve and conserve this pivotal site in America's early history! 

Dr. David Starbuck & Stephanie Tice
Barry Kass
Gary Keeton
Following Dr. Starbuck's excellent presentation, the evening's meal was served.  Following the scrumptious dessert, President Dave, formally installed the two trustees elected to serve the 2012-2013 term. Incumbent Gary Keeton was reelected and Barry Kass, elected to succeed retiring Richard Havilech.

2011 Awards:
Lifetime Recognition: Harold Ray Decker
In recognition of extraordinary contributions to advancement of Orange County Archaeology through tireless promoting, giving presentations and living the mission of the Orange County Chapter and StateAssociation.
(Unfortunately Ray returned to Florida shortly before the Dinner)

Most Active Member for 2011: Clif Patrick.

Presidential Citation: Richard S. Havlicek. 
Certificate of Merit: Gary Jay Sipila.

 2011 inductees into the "Order of the Trowel" are:
Fred Assmus

Stephanie Tice
Joe Mlcoch (not at Dinner)
- - - 

Barry Kass reminded everyone that the
First Call for Papers
 96th Annual Meeting
New York State Archaeological Association
April 27-29th, 2012 

Has been sent out.

Get your copy at 

And he urged any member willing to submit a paper or an exhibit for the Poster Session.

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