Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September, 2011 Chapter meeting at new location

 On September 16, the chapter hosted Edward V. Curtin, president of Curtin Archaeological Consulting, Inc. Ed Curtin is an archaeologist with a Ph.D. in anthropology and is best known for his interest in the Archaic period (1,000-8,000 B.C.) of the northeastern United States, as well as all things related to the archaeology of the Hudson Valley.

 Curtin referred to archaeologist Bob Funk's description of the period between the end of the Paleoindian era and the bifurcated base point horizon as the "missing 2,000 years" -- a period that archaeologists know little about.  
During his talk and slide presentation, which was based on his surveys of Early Archaic sties in Saratoga and Albany and his thoughts on the subject, Curtin expressed the opinion that some points designated as Middle Archaic  may, in fact, be Early Archaic.  Examples examined were unfluted lanceolate points, various Dalton points and Kirk-Palmer corner-notched points.

The chapter members enjoyed the presentation and question and answer period that followed. 

Photos and report by Ginny Privitar.

Vice President, Chuck, conducted our first meeting at the Mulberry House Senior Center, 62-70 West Main Street in Middletown. He declared, "The place was great. Large, comfortable setting." October's meeting to be held here also, with Middletown resident, Nick Pallasino describing his discovery of seven scuttled French and Indian War period bateaux on the bottom of Lake George in 1960!

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