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New York State Museum Field Trip

Some of our members missed the trip to the New York State Museum last June and they were wondering if there would be another. I talked with Bob Feranec, Curator of Pleistocene Vertebrate Paleontology, this week and he said he would be glad to accommodate us on Tuesday, August 23. The visit includes the following:

  1. Bob told me “the new exhibit is called "From the Collections". It’s based on major collections and contributors of the NY State Museum's collections. My section will have the Arborio mastodon exhibited as well as having a brief description of the IOCCNYSAA, as contributors to the vertebrate paleontology collections.”

  1. It also appears a behind the scenes visit is possible.

  1. A visit to the research center where the Tunkamoose Mastodon Tusks are being preserved.

Since this is only a few weeks from now I need to know how many people are interested in going on this field trip as soon as possible. Bob is willing to keep this date open if there is enough interest from our chapter.

The details still have to be worked out and I will contact those who are going with the schedule since we will visit two locations, the museum and the research lab.

If you are interested in going please contact me as soon as possible by phone or email. We need to know by Friday, August 12th. Contact Dave directly or email
Dave Johnson

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New Meeting Location – Mulbury House (Middletown) Senior Center

            We are going to hold our September monthly meeting at the Mulbury House (Middletown) Senior Center located at 62-70 West Main Street in Middletown. The location is handicapped accessible. If it works for us we will continue to hold our meetings there and then move to the new location with them. Further information will be included in the September newsletter.

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Florist Site

            Stephanie is working on Florist Site most every Sunday morning starting at 9 AM, weather permitting. If you intend to go please contact Stephanie directly or email 
Note: No dig Sunday August 6th due to scheduling conflict!
            This site provides all our members a wonderful opportunity to experience archaeology first hand. We hope all of our members can take advantage of this opportunity to develop their skills as archeologists. If you are new to the chapter here is your opportunity to participate in an archaeological investigation and learn the techniques needed to properly document a site.

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If you haven’t paid your dues for 2011 please do. Please contact our new treasurer, Jon Leonard to send in your payment. Or you can pay your dues at the September meeting. 

New mailing address:
34 Clark Road
Goshen, NY 10924

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