Friday, May 20, 2011

Florist site work to resume Sunday, May 29th!

Hello All! It is finally that time again! We are all set to return to the Florist site. I had hoped to begin this weekend (5/21) but have decided that due to the horrible weather we have experienced this week, digging conditions this weekend will not be so ideal for the 1st day back. We will however begin next Sunday 5/29 from 9am-1pm. I understand that it is Memorial Day weekend and if anyone who is interested cannot make it, don't worry and simply join us the following Sunday! Note that if any Sunday it is raining, we will not be digging.

For anyone who has not yet been informed about the site, it is a 2.9 acre multi-component and along the original bank of the Wallkill River. We were given the wonderful opportunity beginning in Novemeber 2009 to investigate this site where we have found evidence from archaic to late woodland occupation, as well as the historic debris from the extant former colonial era inn. We have been conducting shovel test pits to narrow our focus and concentration but will be doing more in-depth excavation this season. It is a wonderful opportunity for any chapter members looking to get their hands dirty, learn techniques, local history, and most importantly have fun and enjoy the participation in real archaeology. For more info I am always obliged to further discuss!

Please note that if you would like to participate, you should bring (but not required): a simple dig kit including shovel, trowel, sharpie, pen/pencil, metric tape measure etc. The site is located in a wooded area and therefore bringing along bugspray is recommeded. If anyone has a sifter or other materials such as buckets, feel free to bring them. The Chapter does have long tapes and a great, large sifter and I supply several buckets as well as artifact bags and necessary paperwork. Also please refer to the Chapter's updated Site Protocol Statement where we have stated our rules related to our excavations.

If anyone has any questions you can contact me directly.

If possible please shoot me an email to let me know if you plan to come on Sunday so I have an idea of attendance, this will not be required every week. I look very forward to getting back out in the field and hope that you are able to join us!


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