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“The Civil War – An Artist’s Perspective”, by member Kevin Storms

An Artist’s Perspective on the Civil War
Commemorates Sesquicentennial at
Ellenville’s Gallery Link
 Ellenville, NY: Ellenville’s Gallery Link proudly presents “The Civil War – An Artist’s Perspective”, an exhibition of multi-media works by Pine Bush artist Kevin Storms. The show is part of Ellenville Public Library & Museum’s 2011Civil War Sesquicentennial programming, and will be on display from March 2ndthrough April 27th, 2011.  “We’re really excited about this installation of Kevin Storms’ work,” said Community Relations Coordinator for the library, Asha Golliher.  “Kevin is not only a dedicated artist, but his portrayal of people who fought in and were affected by the Civil War, along with his Civil War scenes, really touch us and remind us of the very human side of this pivotal moment in our nation’s history.”
 Kevin’s artwork is a reflection of his travels, from water fowling marshes to Civil War battlefields. He takes a deeply personal interest in everything he paints. One especially poignant example of this is the painting, “The Battle at Walnut Mountain”, based on an annual re-enactment that takes place in Liberty, NY. Kevin played the part of a Civil War Correspondent, (who represented the war through illustration) and was moved by his experience to create this work.
The natural world and American history are infinite wells into which he reaches for insight and motivation. Kevin feels that the creation of art is a way to understand life and history, as well as a way to communicate that understanding.  This is especially true of his Civil War images; whether a still life, landscape or visual rendering of a local hero, his works bring us into intimate contact with the war, offering us insight and greater self-knowledge.

Kevin demonstrated artistic talent at a young age, and was encouraged to become an artist. An avid student of both American and natural history, these subjects became the focus of his artwork, and a lifelong passion. Kevin found that his hunting and fishing experiences also strongly influenced his art.  Kevin met master Wildlife Artist John Hamberger, and became his student. It was under Hamberger’s tutelage that he learned the valuable lesson of “going to the source” and studying a subject matter “in real life”. The study of classical artworks by the masters was also an important part of his training.

Following the path of earlier sporting artists, the pursuit of game and the natural world became profound sources of inspiration and deeply integrated with his creative expression. Recently, he has begun to explore abstract art as a new venture in self expression. Several of these abstract pieces are included in the Gallery Link exhibition.

Past exhibitions of Kevin’s work include: Windham Civil War Music and Art Heritage Festival;  Ashokan Center Civil War Days;  Greene County Arts Council;  Orange County Government Center;  Orange County 1841 Historic Court House;  New City Public Library;  Orange County Community College;  North Jersey Highlands Historical Conference;  Middletown, NY Veterans’ Center; Gettysburg History Meets the Arts Festival, Gettysburg, PA; The Gettysburg Historical Art Gallery, and The Civil War Fine Art Gallery, both in Gettysburg, PA; The Lincoln Society, Peekskill, NY; The Ulster County Civil War Round Table meeting, Kingston, NY; New York State Archaeological Association Annual Meeting. 

There will be an Artist’s Reception at The Gallery Link for Kevin Storms and “The Civil War – An Artist’s Perspective” on Saturday, April 16th, from 11:30am-1:30pm.  The reception will be immediately following “Civil War Wives” a presentation by author and historian Carol Berkin scheduled for 10:00am in the library’s Community Room. The public is most cordially invited to attend.  

The Gallery Link is located in Ellenville Public Library & Museum, 40 Center Street, Ellenville, NY, 12428, and is open during library hours. For more information, please call (845)647-5530 or go  

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