Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010-10-15 Meeting

Steph reports on progress at the Florist site.

Welcome to our newest member, Lura, who drew the winning ticket for tonight's special prize!

 After a short intermission, Jim WosochloPresident of Chapter 14, The Forks of The Delaware & President elect of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc. <> presented a slideshow from his recent Mexican trip.
 Jim (left), with the curator of the Museo De Historia Atlahuco (center) and local guide, avocational archaeologist and ranch owner (right) standing around an engraved rock, believed to be of Aztec origin. If validated, this would be one of the most northern Aztec sites.
Jim ponders a question from the audience.

Thanks Jim! An excellent program.

Get your reservations in to Chuck for our Annual Dinner!
(See previous post for details)

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