Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Practice of Urban Archaeology - A Panel Discussion

The Practice of Urban Archaeology
A Panel Discussion
William A. Griswold, Archaeologist, National Park Service, Northeast Region Archeology Program
Vincent Maresca, Historic Preservation Specialist, New Jersey Historic Preservation Office
Catherine Spohn, Cultural Resource Professional, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Saturday, October 2, 2010 ! 3-5 PM
Columbia University ! Schermerhorn Hall
Photo by Eileen Barroso. Taken from the Columbia Virtual Campus Tour
Broadway at 116th S treet, New York City
(Subway stop = 116th St - Columbia University on the “1" train)
(Campus Map - http://www.columbia.edu/about_columbia/map/MorningsideCampus.pdf)

Urban archaeologists face many difficulties when excavating a site, but some of the most troublesome can be local regulations that handicap their operations or even prevent them from being able to investigate the site at all. Although the practice of archaeology is generally well prescribed, there is quite a bit of latitude in implementation of plans and methodology used. This symposium will focus on these issues in a number of urban areas. Archaeologists from cities outside of New York State who are responsible for reviewing work in their communities will briefly present how the archaeological process works in their region. They will share their experiences and include aspects of the process they feel are unique to their cities. Following the presentations, speakers will respond to prepared questions leading to a discussion that will provide an opportunity to contrast between cities on topics specific to the urban environment that may range from implementation to research, testing and excavation. Additional questions and comments posed by in the audience, as time permits, will encourage further sharing of strategies.

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This program follows the general membership meeting of NYAC and PANYC, held from 1-3PM. All attending the program are welcome to arrive early and join the membership meeting where issues of importance to archaeologists in New York will be discussed.

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