Monday, August 30, 2010

Gander Mountain Day 2010

Hello Everyone,
Hope to see everyone at the upcoming Gander Mountain Day coming on Sept 26th 2010. 10am - 3 pm
This is a fun packed day where we get to spend time together and with the public. Last year there was a line of people waiting to get into the room. The public has responded to this event and they look forward to bringing in their collections and artifacts to get our opinions, So everyone is invited to attend and participate.I would welcome your collections and displays to show to everyone.We have seen some incredible things come thru the door so get ready and brush up on your typologies! If you don't have one talk to Ray. What is needed? Greeters, to welcome the public and invite them to join group. Collections,If you have an interesting collection regarding historic and prehistoric archaeology please bring it. Please let me know you are coming and what you are bringing so I may have a place for you. Some members whom have extra tables should bring them as we ran short last year. Identifiers, experienced members to view materials and identify artifacts.Please contact me as soon as possible at or phone me at 845 800 3103. Thanks Kevin Storms

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