Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guy Robinson, "Ecological Sleuth," presented prestigious Cooper Award

Guy did his work on Orange County sites the Otisville mastodan site and the Benninwater site in Greenville.  He is also involved in the Tuckamoose site pollen analysis and also is arranging for identification of a sample of material taken from Dutchess Quarry #1 by member Eric Dratch, in an effort to identify the red deposit on the wall of the cave. If it is Ochre it may be man made and may represent a pictograph.
The Cooper award is a very prestigious award, and our Chapter is very proud to be associated with this research effort.

Pictured is Dr. Guy Robinson (right) and Dr. David Burney (left), both of Fordham U., at the Benninwater site.

By Ray Decker

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