Saturday, December 19, 2009

December meeting.

President Dave Johnson opened the last meeting of 2009 with reports of recent Chapter activities;
A hearty round of applause acknowledged Chuck Tudor's chairmanship of the Annual Diner in November. A most enjoyable and memorable night, Thank you Chuck!

Steph reported on the first visit to a new site along the former banks of the Wallkill River, which looks very promising.

Ray Decker reported on our finances and began distributing the latest edition of our "Occasional Papers" - #3. Available in printed form or as a cd. Every member in good standing as of this meeting is entitled to one copy, with additional copies available at $10 each. They will be distributed at the next couple meetings, or you can pick up your copy at Clif Patrick's insurance office at 119 Rte. 17M, in Chester. For directions, email:

In place of our scheduled program which had been cancelled, President Dave, setup a Christmas lottery. The deal being that the number one ticker holder picked from a table of wrapped gifts. Subsequent people had their choice of previously picked items or from the table.

First up was Richard, who unwrapped a magnificent piece of petrified wood from Mongolia. Naturally, that being a very desirable gift, it changed hands many times during the evening!

Drawing ticket number two was Dave, who, true to form, went for the strangestly wrapped item on table. It was a wonderfully made atlatl, hand crafted by Gary!  Well, there began a fantastic journey, only a little bit of which is documented below:

Angela enthusiastically made off with it when her number came up!

A very determined Sharon reluctantly surrendered it to Walt.

A few turns later, she recovered it from its hiding place as Walt, so forlorn, looks on.

Chuck, then liberated it from Sharon.

Bob looked so happy as he took possession!

Fred said that he'll like to hold on to it for a few minutes.

Chuck and Bob went back and forth before Priscilla took it away from them.

June, who had been quiet as the Christmas mouse, had the last ticket and brought the atlatl back to her table.

The first to go is also the last to go, so Richard tracked down Teri and took home that piece of petrified wood after all.

As Dave tried to wrap things up, June marched him over and, as is her nature, generously presented the atlatl to him, thus closing the meeting to the relief of our bellies, aching from all the laughter!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
And to all a good night!
Happy New Years!

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