Sunday, November 1, 2009

2009-10-31 Centuries of Orange County Archaeology symposium

Valley Central Middle School in Montgomery, NY graciously made their cafeteria available for our second annual symposium.

Eric checks out one of Ed Lenik's books.

Rich Van Sickle displays the nearly-complete elk-moose skeleton which he discovered in 2007.

Ray was all business: "I don't what you say, I'm not looking up for the camera."

The crowd ebbed and flowed all day, checking out the wide variety of local material on display.

Times Herald-Record reporter interviewing Symposium Chairman, Chuck.

Gary and Joe enthralled many with their napping skills.

City of Newburgh Historian, Mary McTammany, checking out Kevin's extensive inventory.

Gary & Glen Keeton examine an attendee's fossil.

Fred discusses his pottery collection.

Prof. Barry Kass kicked off the afternoon's program with a talk on the northeast's premier archeological site: Dutchess Quarry Caves.

Gregg, from the Museum of Natural History discusses mastodons with Joe Devine.

Bravo to Chuck Tudor for organizing and mc'ing today's most enjoyable symposium!


President’s Message (added 11/7/2009):

I want to thank Chuck Tudor for chairing the October symposium as well as all the chapter members who helped make it a wonderful event. I hope that we will continue this event next year.


The 23rd Annual Highlands Conference was very interesting and was attended by several of our chapter members.

We are planning to conduct a preliminary survey of an archaeological site before the snow flies. Stephanie has provided information below regarding the site. This site should produce prehistoric as well as historic artifacts. If you want to learn how to lay out a site and dig for artifacts this is your opportunity.

At this point in time we have the following programs scheduled for the next few meetings:

November – annual dinner - Robert Ferenac

December – Flintlocks of the French and Indian War through the Revolution

January – stone formations – Glenn Kreisberg

February – historic archaeology – Stephanie Tice

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.


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