Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb. 2009 Meeting: Points!

A new guest picked the winning ticket for tonight's special prize, a specimen set of Rift Valley artifacts, including two points and several beads donated by Angela, who presented it to Rick, our lucky winner!

Projectile points were the subject of the night's discussions.

Here, Brian explains the methods of constructing the various forms of the earliest North American points. The history of their discovery, recent findings, materials of construction, the various forms and theories of their origins.

Ray covered the wide variety of archic period points with detailed explanations their of defining characteristics.

David wrapped up the presentation with woodland and contact period arrowheads.

We then broke up into informal, hands-on groups with experienced members tutoring our newer members.

A most enjoyable and informative session!

Lithic tools will be the focus at the March meeting.

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